Custom Installs

We are in the business of creating beautiful and happy homes. We believe that functional, comfortable and stylish homes can be created at any budget level. We do kitchen designs, bar counters, cupboards, etc. We have experienced experts who are endowed with versatility that they can handle any task with utmost professionalism and creativity.


We provide a comprehensive turnkey service which begins at receipt of quote request to site inspection and assessment and Quote through to final quality checks and hand over. Through our industry experience, we understand that renovations to homes especially those with occupants can be disruptive – noisy and dirty and for this reason we put huge focus on working as quietly and neatly as is possible in an effort to minimize the inconvenience as best as we can. Furniture is shrink wrapped where necessary to protect against dust and dirt – all areas worked are left clean and tidy at the end of every shift before staff vacate the premises.

We provide a service to clients with the following requirements:

  • Home and office renovations
  • Alterations and additions
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
  • Tiling wall and floor

Decking and Balustrades

At KC Home Improvements we do sundecks. A wooden deck is a home improvement that adds beauty and value to your residence. It is a wooden platform, capable of supporting the weight, generally constructed outdoors around swimming pools, patios and entertainment areas. Most of the decks that is higher than 1 metre off the ground are usually enclosed with wooden balustrades for safety.

We also do balustrades at KC Home Improvement. Well, we all have our own fantasies in how we want our place to look like and with all the danger in and around the house it is for your own securities to make sure your home is a safe place whether it’s for yourself or your family. Knowing that your stairs and balcony is covered by falling from it can give you the best rest assured.



“Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant. This protects it from potential water damage. The term ‘waterproof’ often refers to the absence of water penetration in its liquid state or under pressure. ‘Damp-proof’ is a term used when referring to the ability of a surface to resist humidity or dampness.” –Wikepedia

Waterproofing is an essential part of a structure, building and home. When a building has been erected it is vital that the waterproofing is done in accordance with the architectural plan, otherwise detrimental effects occur resulting in damage to the building, structure and personal possessions.

KC Home Improvements offers an efficient and quality waterproofing service that is guaranteed to last long-term. Our dedicated team believes in safety and quality, thus we focus on quality control, training, testing, inspection and site management and Our services are of highest of quality combined with efficiency and professionalism.